No jail time for Cohen would take away any leverage Trump has over him

Michael Cohen’s defense is seeking no jail time for their client, and perhaps, this is the best way to take Trump out of the equation. With no pardon to dangle over Cohen’s head, as Trump has done with Paul Manafort, Cohen has nothing to fear by telling all he knows.

Further, It would also be a slap in the face for Manafort who has violated his agreement with prosecutors in hopes he will receive a pardon. At this point it could be argued that any testimony Manafort has given in the past is not reliable because he lied to Robert Mueller and he is no longer a credible witness.

Cohen has been charged with eight counts by the US Attorney’s Office, including tax fraud, making false statements and campaign finance violations. In his attorney’s sentencing submission they asked the court to consider their client’s full cooperation with the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office, as well as the extreme pressure he faces from the the powerful man who sits in the Oval Office. They also note that he has lost “Nearly every professional and commercial relationship that he enjoyed, and a number of long standing friendships have vanished.”

Normally, a reduced sentence would be more in line for Cohen, but under the circumstances no jail time would make sense, not to forgive for his crimes, but to help catch a much bigger fish.

Mark felt, given the code name “Deep Throat” by the FBI

Cohen could become the man who brought down a president, much like Mark Felt (Deep Throat) did by meeting with Washington Post Reporter Bob Woodward. That meeting would be the beginning of the end for Richard Nixon.



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