Lawlessness at our their borders is intolerable, but US need not take an isolationist stand on immigration

Hundreds of migrants from Central Americans tried to rush the borders at busy crossing points from Tijuana after overtaking Mexican authorities there, but were held back by US agents who fired tear gas into the crowd and dispersed the would-be border crossers.

Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastlum declared a humanitarian emergency in his city of about 1.6 million. As many as 5,000 migrants have been camped inside, and near a sports arena. Mexico has offered migrants residency, but most have refused saying they intend to come the the US. Some have asked Mexico for transportation back to Central American Countries. Mexico has sent about 11,000 back to Central America at this point with plans to send thousands more.

Migrants attempting to cross into the US today were squeezing through gaps in the wire, climbing over fences and peeling back metal sheeting to enter. Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen said in a statement that the US would not tolerate lawlessness and would not hesitate to shut down ports of entry to prevent damages to federal property, insure the safety of US agents and US sovereignty.

It seems the humanitarian crisis the caravan brought with it from Central American countries have reached a dipping point. The migrants are seeking asylum in the US, but the US is not willing to give that asylum to very many, if any of them from the caravan. Meanwhile Mexico seems to be doing what they can, but they are being overwhelmed.

The US Congress needs to put together bipartisan legislation that addresses both the need to protect US sovereignty and the humanitarian crises. The answers to this problem, both here and around the world are not easy, but sides need to come together to address the problem of migration. So far, the US Congress has shown no signs of compromise on either side of the issue.

The separation of children from their families has been a rallying cry for those who support migrants seeking asylum, as it should be. That too is an issue that must be addressed, but the US President seems unwilling to yield any ground on the issue and that has kept the people on the two sides of the issue from compromising on any thing else involving immigration. There are many levels of division on immigration, but the separation of families at the border has caused significant harm to a way forward.

Trump still seeks funding for a border wall, which Congress has failed to give him. Maybe a compromise could be reached on that issue as well by putting up border walls a certain points of entry, but again, it seems to be another all-or-nothing proposition that neither side is willing to compromise on.



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