Humans will suffer from climate change even more in the future

The climate is changing at an alarming rate, so say 13 federal agencies and more than 300 scientists, but the political climate is not warming up to the idea of rising seas, rising temperatures, increased wildfires, red tides, drought and famine.

A report on Climate change to be released next month was hastily released on Black Friday by the current administration to soften the blow. Politicians rightly believed that less people would be paying attention to a climate report during their holiday shopping.

The US has withdrew from the Paris Accord on Climate Change and with American refusing to take a leadership role, none of the G20 countries are meeting their climate change targets, and in the US regulatory agencies like the Environment Protection Agency has relaxed methane emissions, fuel standards and other regulations aimed at slowing climate change.

The result of doing nothing will be costly. The Earth’s temperatures will rise to nine degrees Fahrenheit higher than pre-industrial temperatures by the end of the century. That may not sound like much, but think of it like this, a 95 degree day in the summer would be a 104-degree day. Hotter weather would last longer and have a devastating affect on crops in the Midwest. In the Southeast, hundreds, if not thousands of man-hours would be lost due to the extreme heat. Hotter and drier air would also bring about more wildfires, like those in California this year, only they would be worse.


Colder than normal temperatures will also occur because the Earth’s equilibrium is being challenged. According to an EPA report on climate change

“Earth’s temperature depends on the balance between energy entering and leaving the planet’s system. When incoming energy from the sun is absorbed by the Earth system, Earth warms. When the sun’s energy is reflected back into space, Earth avoids warming. When absorbed energy is released back into space, Earth cools.”

Sea levels will continue to rise. Coastlines would continue to shrink – this is already taking place in all parts of the world, but our government chooses to ignore it. Extreme weather, both in the winter and in the summer will occur more often.

Rising sea temperatures will cause the loss of more sea life. Red tides and algae blooms will be more prevalent. There will be less oxygen in the seas and the fishing industry will suffer greatly.

A lot of dead fish on the beach

The quantity and quality of food humans consumer we fall. Disease, drought and famine will kill thousands, then, and maybe only then, will the world’s nations heed the warning that human activity is the reason for the change in the Earth’s climate and that climate change is not a hoax.

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