Set the record straight, Kemp stole the election in Georgia

Stacey-Abrams-Brian-Kemp-640x360The Republican candidate for governor in Georgia Brian Kemp was asked to resign and avoid the appearance of conflict of interest because he held the position of Secretary of State there, but he refused to step aside until he declared himself the winner in the governor’s race.

While he held the office of Secretary of the State of Georgia, Kemp spearheaded an effort to suppress the black man’s vote. He suspended more than 53,000 voter registrations and purged an additional 107,000 voters from the roles. The vast majority of these lost votes represented minority voters.

As I write this Kemp leads his Democratic opponent Stacey Abrams, a woman of color, by  about 63,000 votes, which is just 13,000 votes above the 50 percent threshold he needs to prevent a runoff next month. But because there are still 22,000 provisional ballots and about 3,000 absentee ballots still to be counted, Kemp has won nothing yet. In addition, overseas ballots have yet to arrive to be counted.

It is my hope, no, it is my prayer, that the ballots still uncounted will trigger a runoff and Abrams takes her place as Georgia’s first black, first female governor of the state.

In Georgia it may feel like the 1950s. In today’s violent and racially charged climate it may seem like we’ve taken a step back, but we should not, and we will not accept that. Even if Kemp wins the election in the end, Georgians will know in their hearts that he stole it. Georgia will rise above the racial divide, we don’t know when, but it will.

If you voted by provisional ballot (paper ballot) you can find out if your vote has been counted by called this number:  1-888-730-5816.



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