Waiting on pins and needles again in Florida

Most of Florida, Georgia and Arizona are waiting for the election to be over. This time is different however. In Florida it is a mandatory count. This is a state law. Whenever the election is less than 1/2 of one per cent. If it goes below 1/4 per cent it would require a manual count. Democrats have a better chance in the courts this time and also in the count.

As much as the GOP loves its veterans and retired folks, they sure don’t like absentee ballots.As long as they are post marked by 11/6, they must accept them. In larger more dense populated areas like Broward and Palm Beach counties, there are many more democratic voters. The GOP does not want their votes to be counted. Today Governor Scott has sent the FDLE down there to investigate. They found a box of votes that someone had negligently placed in a closet. Wednesday morning a teacher at the high school noticed it and called the election supervisor. Someone screwed up no doubt. I am not aware of any law that says they should not be counted. I keep seeing my friends say it was illegal but no one can cite any specific law for a screw up like this. I will say this about Florida. If we don’t get to count our votes this time, there will be some hell to pay. After Al Gore and the hanging chad fiasco with the Supreme Court. Remember that, we did not get to count the votes down there. Can we not get enough poll workers to help with the counting?  Ask for volunteers…Can they not put the early ballots through the machine to get a head start? I thought they did that already.


Somehow, some way there has got to be a better way of handling this.

In Arizona, the GOP is suing to stop counting the absentee ballots even though it’s too late and Sinema is now passed McSally by 9000 votes in the total. Oh well, you snooze you lose.

In Georgia, we have a big can of worms. 1,500,000 voters were removed from the rolls. Voter suppression in almost every form showed itself in this election. The amazing part is that the vote count is still so close. Neither candidate has 50% now, and it Georgia, this means they are heading for a runoff. They have to do it all over again. Next week we will still be getting results from Tuesday. Some of the results will take a month in California. We are only two weeks from Thanksgiving. Maybe we can relax then?



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