The Press should just say “no” to the White House

The White House Press Corps receives almost nothing newsworthy from press conferences there. Questions are not answered, or answered with fabrications, half-truths and insults. House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has promoted edited videos advocating the idea that the Press is the enemy of the people, CNN’s Jim Acosta has been denied entry because he asked tough questions, what do you suppose comes next?

The White House Press Conference is a dog and pony show that belongs in a circus, and the men and women of the news media should turn in their tickets and refuse to attend.

President Trump points a finger at CNN Reporter Jm Acosta and angrily refuses to answer his question, while a female White House Aide reaches over the reporter’s arm in an effort to take the microphone from him. Later Sarah Sanders would accuse Acosta of assaulting the women.

As a former working journalist myself I know politicians can be difficult to deal with, but they are usually civil at least. When they have something they want to get out to the public, oh, they are so nice. They’ll invite you to a free luncheon or give you cookies or doughnuts, but if there are going to be questions over something they don’t want to talk about, they will avoid you, or at least they’ll avoid giving you a direct answer to your question.

The fact of the matter is, they need the Press just as much as the Press needs them, so I find it a little aggravating to see journalist grovel at the feet of politicians waiting for someone to throw them a crumb of decency.

This president, and his gang of thugs are the worse I’ve seen, and the Press needs to cut him off. The Press needs to say “no Sir, we are not the enemy of the people, you are.” Trump loves attention, in fact, I don’t think he can live with it. Like everything else, relationships are give and take, and a relationship between two parties is only a good one if both parties are receiving something from it.

The only thing the Press has received from Donald Trump is threats, intimidation, lies upon lies and callousness. It’s time for the Press to take their ball and go home. There are many ways to cover the president without standing in a room full of your colleagues and suffering abuse at the hands of a bully.


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